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When soldiers lack discipline, the fault lies with their commander.

Ten characters in season 4

Tywin Lannister
anonymous asked: targaryen fancasts + warm colors
Simon Woods as Aegon the Conqueror, Katheryn Winnick as Visenya Targaryen, Gabrielle Wilde as Rhaenys Tagaryen, Philip Winchester as Orys Baratheon
#Essie nail-prettiness 💅

#Essie nail-prettiness 💅

A new resident on my shelf

A new resident on my shelf

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make me choose → asked by corahales
amy x eleven or amy x rory?

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The Dark Artifices art by Cassandra Jean


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six days of x-men► [day 6] free day - second favorite mutant: mystique/raven darkholme
“’Have you ever looked at a tiger and thought you ought to cover it up?’
'No, but…'
'You are an exquisite creature, Raven. All your life the world has tried to tame you. It's time for you to be free.'”

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